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November 11th, 2008

08:56 pm - more

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November 10th, 2008

03:44 pm - More LOTR chibli's
I ask that you save these to your computer, if you wish to borrow them.

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03:34 am - Just a word
Sorry but this is a post for an e-mail I received. Some people are not pleased with the MC awards. I tried to have a fun awards, and it seems it was not up to par, stadards for some. So to those who feel slighted, or feel that the awards simply were horrid I do apologise.

I don't think I have ever had this many unhappy people with the awards, and I will strive to do a better job next year with them. I know with 2000 plus members not everyone will be pleased all the time, but I hope at least some of you enjoyed the awards, and I will take suggestions next year before they begin and get your opinions on what you would like to see.

I shall now step down from the shout box, and return you to the plot bunnies for Holly's challenge on MC. For those of you who don't know the challenge I shall post it here as well.

THE CHALLENGE IS....................

It is time for Aragorn and Arwen's wedding. What are the preparations like? Is the ceremony in Elvish, the Common Tongue, or both? Who officiates? Do they have anyone stand with them, such as the ME verison of a best man and maid of honor? Do Aragorn and Arwen write vows they speak to one another? Is it a public event or private? What might the celebrations been like after?
There is no word count, so let your imagination run free on this one! Stories are due by the end of Friday, Nov. 14th.
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02:49 am - Some interesting lotr chibli's for use!

More to come soon.

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November 5th, 2008

10:28 pm - The Sword by Holly Winner of the week!

The Sword

The little boots thumped against the leg of the desk chair and
another sigh came from the child sitting at the desk.

Erestor, who was sitting at his desk in front of the school room
looked up at his reluctant pupil, the constant sound starting to wear
on his patience.

"Estel, the quicker you get those math problems completed, the
quicker you will be out in the sunshine and fresh air."

"But Ressor," Estel whined, using the affectionate name that had
originated from the twins who had been unable to pronounce the chief
advisor's name correctly. "I hate math. It is boring and I am no good
at it."

Erestor sighed and set his quill down and rose from his chair, making
his day over to where the child sat. He pulled up a chair from a
nearby desk and sat down next to the child, putting his arm on the
back of the chair, around Estel's shoulders. He had found that over
the years each of his pupils seemed to have a subject that they
absolutely hated. With the twins it had been geography, and now with
Estel it was math. As a tutor he felt it was his duty to try and make
time in the class room enjoyable and interesting, but sometimes it
could be a very real challenge.

Estel sighed again. "Ressor, I do not know why I have to learn this."

Erestor reached up and stroked the back of Estel's head, letting his
hand glide over the dark curls.

"Estel, math is something that you will use most every day of your

"But, I want to be a Ranger and they probably do not have to use

"Ah, but there you are wrong, pen-neth. Rangers cover a great deal of
territory and when they look at a map and see how far it is to where
they have to get, they have to figure out how many days it will take
them and how many miles a day they will have to ride. Also, if you
meet up with Orcs and you use any of your arrows, you have to know
how many new ones to craft to make sure you that amount you are
supposed to have; and those are just two examples."

"Oh," came the soft reply.

Erestor smiled fondly at his student.

"Let me see if I can help you with the problems you are having a hard
time with, Estel. That way you will still have time to play outside
before it is time for evening meal."

Two dark heads bent over the desk, tackling the math problems on the
parchment before them, Erestor's soft, patient voice one of the few
sounds in the school room.


"I shall slay you, evil dragon. You stand no chance against Estel the
Warrior!" the small boy called out to the imaginary dragon, his small
wooden sword held at the ready. "You shall never attack Imladris

The child was playing in the garden just below Elrond's balcony and
the elf lord had gotten up to watch his youngest son battle imaginary
foes. His heart grew heavy at the thought that someday the boy would
be grown and facing, not imaginary foes, but very real and very
dangerous ones. He was so distracted that he did not hear Erestor
walk up behind him. The advisor knew his old and dear friend well
enough to know what was going through his thoughts.

"Do not invite trouble before it needs come, mellon-nin. For now the
boy is safe here with us, he is still a child and instead of dreading
what the future may hold for him, let us cherish the time that he is
with us, before he grows and takes on adult responsibilities."

Elrond turned and smiled at his friend.

"Now I know why I appointed you as my advisor, Erestor. As always,
your words are wise."

At that moment there was a squeal from the garden and both elf lords
looked down upon the scene, wide grins coming to their faces. Elladan
and Elrohir had snuck up on Estel, who dropped his wooden sword and
Elladan had grabbed the child and swung him up in the air, carefully
tossing him to his twin who deftly caught the child.

"Ah, it looks like tender boy is on the menu for tonight," Elrohir
said in a gruff, raspy voice.

"Aye," Elladan responded, walking over to them. He reached out and
grabbed Estel's thigh and squeezed it, knowing it was one of Estel's
ticklish spots. "I get the legs. I love the legs."

"Bah, you may have the legs, for my favorite part is right here,"
Elrohir said, handing their little brother back to Elladan. "The
tender ribs are what I like," Elrohir said, lifting up Estel's tunic
and tickling the little ribs, sending the child into waves of
squealing and laughter.

"Unhand that innocent little child, you fiends," came the command
from a noble looking elf, tall and blonde, fresh from the sparring
grounds. "Do not make me have to draw my sword!"

"No! Not the dreaded Balrog Slayer!" Elladan said in mock
horror. "Let the child go. I have no wish to clash with this elf of

Elrohir quickly set Estel down and the child ran to Glorfindel who
swung him up into the `safety' of his arms, the child laughing at the

"Well, there goes our meal," Elladan said shaking his head sadly.

"You saved me, Glorfy! You saved me!" Estel said laughing and
wrapping his arms around the elven warrior's neck, causing the elf to
chuckle and hold the child tight.

"I will always try to be there to save you, tithen-pen," Glorfindel
said, looking up to where Elrond and Erestor stood. "Always."

Elladan and Elrohir walked over and each put a hand on the small back.

"We shall also always try to protect you, tithen-muindor. As long as
we draw breath, we will always try to shield you from harm," Elladan
said, speaking for Elrohir also.

Erestor put a hand on Elrond's shoulder.

"That dear child has many fierce protectors, mellon-nin, many who
would give their life for him without a moment's hesitation."

Elrond smiled at his friend.

"And I have a feeling that the time will come when he will need such
ones," Elrond said. His gift of foresight was not as strong as
Galadriel's, but he knew who was looking for Estel, what evil would
hunt him during his life and he realized that Estel would need all of
the love and protection that they could offer.


Estel played for a bit longer in the garden before Elrond called him
in to get cleaned up for evening meal. The child picked up his wooden
sword and headed for the house, waving it as he went. He secretly
longed for the time when he would be old enough for a real sword,
like his big brothers, Glorfindel and the other warriors carried. He
dreamed of being able to go out on patrols with Elladan and Elrohir,
fighting Orcs and making the land safe, not realizing, with the
innocence of youth, that it was not all fun, excitement and glory.

When he got to his room he leaned his sword against the wall just
inside the door, exactly as he had seen his big brothers do and he
went to the bathing chamber to wash up. When he came out he took his
dirty clothes and put them in a basket by the door and went to the
bed where clean clothes had been laid out, probably by his brothers
as they had made their way to their chambers to freshen up for
evening meal also. Estel slipped on the soft, suede boots and as he
went to leave his room he decided that he would see if his brothers
were in their rooms and if they would walk to the dining hall with
him. Walking across the hall he knocked on the door.

"Come in, Estel," Elladan called out.

The child opened the door and stepped into the room, shutting the
door behind him.

"How did you know it was me, El?" Estel asked.

Elladan smiled.

"Because not many knock as softly as you do; and besides, I heard the
door to your room shut before I heard the knock on mine."

"Oh," the boy said softly, hopping up on the large bed and looking
around at the room as Elladan finished fastening his tunic. "I came
to see if I could walk with you and Roh to the dining hall.

Elladan smiled at his littlest brother fondly.

"I would like that very much, tithen-pen. I am almost ready and then
we will get Roh."

Estel looked around the room and the elegant elven sword that leaned
against the wall just inside the door captured the boy's attention…

"El, can you show me your sword before we go?"

Elladan was standing in front of the mirror of his dressing table,
just finishing up braiding his hair and he grinned. He had been
waiting for the question that Estel asked every time he visited his
room. He put the clip on the end of his braid and turned and went
over and picked up his sword, one that was identical to Elrohir's, a
Begetting Day gift from their father several years ago. He went over
to the bed and carefully unsheathed the weapon and placed the sheath
on the bed and then he crouched down in front of Estel, holding the
sword so that the boy could get a good look at it. As many times as
the child had seen the weapon, he always looked at it with awe.

"May I touch it?" came the other question that Estel always asked.

"Only on the pommel or the hilt, tithen-pen," came Elladan's standard

A little finger stretched out and gently touched the pommel where a
blue sapphire had been inset. Gray eyes scanned the length of the
blade, taking in the elven scrollwork that had been etched into the
gleaming metal.

"It is so pretty," Estel all but whispered.

Elladan nodded. "Aye, it is pretty, but very, very sharp and very
dangerous. That is why you must never handle it when I am not around,
tithen-muindor. That is a rule that must be followed closely."

Estel nodded. "I know, El."

"Come, Estel. Let us go get Elrohir and we can head for the dining
hall. If we do not get there on time, Glorfindel will eat all of the
hot rolls," Elladan said, sheathing his sword and holding his hand
out to his smallest brother. Estel hopped off the bed and slid his
small hand into his brother's larger one. On the way out, Elladan
placed his sword back where it was always kept, leaning against the
wall by the door and he shut the door behind them.


After the evening meal was finished, a reluctant Estel was sent to
get ready for bed. He tried to protest but it was to no avail.

"Estel, you have early math lessons tomorrow and I wish to make sure
that you get plenty of sleep tonight," Elrond reminded him.

The child's nose wrinkled at the thought of having more math lessons,
but he refrained from making any comment. Then a thought crossed his
mind and he looked at his brothers excitedly.

"El, Roh, if I have lessons tomorrow morning that means I will not
have any in the afternoon. Can we go riding?" the child asked

Elrohir gave Estel a sad smile.

"There is nothing we would like more, tithen-muindor, but we leave on
patrol early tomorrow morning; probably before you will even be out
of bed."

Estel slumped in his chair, his immediate future not looking all that
bright to him.

"I am going to be free tomorrow afternoon, Estel. Perhaps you would
like to join me on Asfaloth," Glorfindel chimed in.

The young boy immediately brightened and he looked at his father.
"Ada, can I go riding with Glorfy tomorrow? Please!"

Elrond smiled and nodded.

"Aye, you may Estel," Elrond said and the child began to almost dance
with excitement in his seat, but then his father held up a
finger. "Provided, ion-nin, that you do not give Erestor a hard time
in lessons tomorrow."

"I will be good, Ada! I will listen to Ressor, promise."

Elrond smiled.

"All right then. You may join Glorfindel on his ride."

It was a smiling young boy who left the dining hall on the way to his
room; true, he was on his way to get in bed, but tomorrow promised a
ride with the famed Balrog Slayer and what child could not be happy
about that?

Estel went into his chamber and took his clothes and carefully hung
his tunic up in the child-sized wardrobe. Two identical wardrobes had
been made for the twins when they were elflings and they had been
stored in the large storeroom of the house, with one of them brought
back out when Estel came to live in Elrond's household. It had double
doors that were ornately carved with woodland animals and the two
drawers on the bottom had drawer pulls that were carved acorns. Estel
slipped his boots off and folded his leggings and put them in the top
drawer. He then opened the bottom drawer and took out a night shirt
and slipped it on. He turned and went to go into the bathing chamber
and his wooden sword caught his eye and he walked over to it, picking
it up and looking it over. He wondered if Glorfindel would allow him
to wear it when they went on their ride tomorrow. After all, a
warrior never went out into the woods without being armed! Looking at
the carefully carved wooden sword his thoughts once again turned to
the time when he would be able to have a real, metal sword. Sighing,
he placed the sword back against the wall and walked into the bathing
chamber and washed his face and hands and then got into bed,
snuggling down into the soft blankets; but he could not keep his mind
off of swords…a certain sword to be exact.

Estel tossed and turned for a few minutes and then couldn't stand it
any longer. He threw off the blankets and padded over to his door,
opening it enough to stick his head out and look up and down the
hallway. He crept across the hallway and knocked on the door to
Elladan's room very quietly. Not receiving an answer the child
carefully opened the door and slipped inside. The oil lamp was low
and Estel reached up and adjusted the flame and then turned back
towards the door, and the reason he was here.

The elegant sword was leaning in its usual place, the hilt and pommel
of the sword glittering in the lamp light and calling to the boy like
a siren of the sea. Estel walked over and reached out a small hand
and gently touched the hilt, his little finger tracing over the
sapphire that sparkled softly in the glow from the lamp. His desire
to hold the sword by himself was almost overwhelming at this point
and he took a hold of the sword which was almost as tall as he was
and carefully laid it down on the floor. He knelt down, wrapped both
of his hands around the pommel of the sword and pulled the blade from
the sheath, smiling at the sound it made as it slid free. He almost
dropped the sword, not realizing how heavy it was, as Elladan had
never allowed him to hold it, only to touch it. Estel got to his feet
and his eyes danced with excitement. He was finally going to be able
to hold a sword, a REAL sword. Visions of fighting Orcs and other
evil creatures danced through Estel's head and he got so caught up in
the feeling that he decided to try and pick up the sword and swing
it, just once and then he would put it back. He grasped the pommel of
the sword tightly with both hands and heaved the sword up and around.
At that same instant the door opened and Elladan stepped into his
room, only to have the sword wielded by his little brother slice
deeply into his thigh. The eldest son of Elrond cried out in pain and
went to the floor, grasping at the gash in his thigh. Elrohir had
been walking leisurely down the hallway, but came running when he
heard his brother's cry and the sound of a sword hitting the stone
floor. He slid to a stop on the slippery, marble floor and his eyes
went wide as he saw the ever widening pool of blood near Elladan's
leg and the look of horror on Estel's face. Seeing the bloody sword
on the floor it didn't take long to determine what had happened.

"Go get Ada!" Elrohir said, falling to his knees beside his fallen
twin who was gasping with pain.

"I am sorry! I am sorry!" Estel said, all but sobbing. "I didn't mean

"I said go get Ada!" Elrohir snapped, taking off his belt to use as a
tourniquet to help stem the bleeding from Elladan's leg.

Estel took off from the room at a dead run, tears streaming from his
gray eyes.

"Ada! Ada!" the child screamed as he bolted down the hallway.

Elrond, Erestor and Glorfindel were just coming from the dining hall,
having enjoyed conversation and wine after evening meal when they
heard the child's cries. The three elf lords began to run in the
direction of Estel's cries, Elrond in the lead and they met the child
coming into the main entryway.

"Ada!" Estel sobbed as his father crouched down and put his hands out
to slow the child.

"Estel, what is wrong?"

Between sobbing and gasping for breath the child could hardly talk,
but he got one word out.

"Elladan!" he said, pointing towards the family wing.

"I am on it," Glorfindel said, taking off, Erestor hot on his heels,
as Elrond picked Estel up and began to walk quickly in the direction
of Elladan's room.


Elladan lay on the table in the healing ward, asleep and limp from
the sleeping draught Elrond had given him so that he could begin to
stitch up the layers of the gaping cut in his son's leg. While he
worked putting in the fine stitches, Elrohir stood at the head of the
bed, stroking Elladan's raven-black hair, his hands shaking now that
the events had time to fully settle in. Elrond had learned early in
the twins' lives that it did no good trying to keep them separate,
even at times such as this and it actually increased their distress
if they were not together; so, over the years Elrond had learned to
work on one of his twin sons while the other hovered nearby.

Meanwhile, in the outer waiting room, a distraught Estel was being
comforted by Erestor, sitting nestled in the advisor's lap, the
strong arms wrapped around him as he cried.

"I-I didn't m-mean it-it," Estel sobbed out, clutching the front of
Erestor's robe in his little hand.

The advisor was rocking gently from side to side, trying to comfort
the child, fearing that if Estel's distress went on much longer that
he would need to call for one of the healers. He looked over at
Glorfindel, who was pacing the room like a caged animal.

"Mellon-nin, could you please go to the kitchen and get some
chamomile tea?" Erestor asked. "A big pot would be preferred, as I do
not think that the child is the only one who could use some."

Glorfindel looked at the counselor and then at the closed door
leading into the healing room and reluctantly nodded and left for the


"Here, ion-nin," Elrond said, handing Elladan a cup of pain draught.

Elladan wrinkled his nose and was about to refuse.

"No arguments, ion-nin. You are as white as a sheet. You do not have
to play the tough warrior with me," Elrond said, pushing the cup into
his son's hand.

"The least you could do is to find something that tastes better," the
young elf lord protested, grimacing as he downed the bitter potion.

"I will see what I can do, ion-nin," Elrond replied.
Elladan softly chuckled.

"Ada, you have been saying that since Elrohir and I were elflings."

"And you are still elflings and I am still working on it, ion-nin,"
Elrond said, knowing that would bring a glare and folded arms from
his eldest; he was not disappointed.

Elladan moved to sit up a little bit straighter, his twin jumping up
from the chair that he had occupied since Elladan had been placed in
the bed.

"Here, I will help," Elrohir said, helping his twin to get situated
and somewhat comfortable once again. "You know, it would probably be
much easier to do this if it were not for the growth that has
attached itself to you," the younger twin said, smiling.

Elladan looked down to where Estel slept, dead to the world,
stretched out along his oldest brother's side.

"Ai, I do not have the heart to move him, muindor. He was so
distressed earlier, thinking that I would hate him for what he had
done," Elladan said, shaking his head sadly. "As if I could ever hate
this little one," he said, reaching out and fingering one of Estel's

"Well, if he were MY son he would not sit for a week," Glorfindel
said from the doorway, where he was casually leaning against the door
jamb, his muscular arms crossed over his chest and his feet crossed
at the ankles.

The twins looked at each other and winced, remembering the times as
elflings that they had faced the wrath of the legendary Balrog

"Ada, please, Estel was so distressed at what he did," Elladan said,
turning pleading eyes to his father.

"As well he should, ion-nin," Elrond said, a serious look on his
face. "Had the sword been but a bit higher he could have almost
gutted you."

"Or deprived him of fathering children," Elrohir said, smirking at
his brother. "Not that that would be a bad thing," he added, jumping
out of the way as Elladan slapped out at him.

Elladan hissed in pain at the movement and the jarring caused Estel
to open sleepy, swollen eyes.

"Go back to sleep, tithen-muindor," Elladan said softly, stroking the
soft, dark hair.

Like a cat Estel nuzzled up against his oldest brother's side once
again, safe within the embrace of the young warrior's right arm.

Elladan turned concerned eyes to his father.

"Seriously, Ada, have you decided what Estel's consequences are to


"Estel, would you bring me another pillow for my leg?" Elladan asked,
inwardly grinning at the roll of the eyes he received.

The child got up from where he was writing his lines for this day and
took a pillow off of one of the other couches and brought it over to
his big brother.

"Thank you, Estel. You know, I was thinking that a glass of cool tea
would taste good right about now. Could you go to the kitchen and
bring me a glass please?" Elladan asked as he once again picked up
the book he was reading.

This time he was greeted with not only a roll of the eyes, but a roll
of the head as well; never the less the boy headed off to do his
brother's bidding.

"You are a slave driver, muindor," Elrohir said, never looking up
from where he sat hunched over at a chess board across from Erestor.

"Roh, part of Estel's consequences are to, and I quote Ada, "wait on
your brother hand and foot. I cannot help it if I am a needy person,"
Elladan said, deftly catching a pawn that his brother winged at him
from across the room.

Estel returned a few minutes later carrying a glass of cool tea in
both hands, making sure he didn't spill a drop. He carefully handed
it to Elladan, who thanked him and then the boy started to turn
around to go back to his lines, but he stopped, waiting for another
request from his brother, but none was forthcoming. The child sat
back down on the floor, using the low table in front of the couch as
a desk and continued working on his lines.

`I will not touch any weapon without an adult with me.'

That was the line that Estel had been assigned to write, twenty-five
times each day for a week. He sighed as he began another one. The
room was silent for a few minutes before the quiet was broken by a
softly asked question from Erestor.

"What are you trying to figure out, Estel?" the advisor asked, having
seen the boy from the corner of his eye counting on his fingers.

"How many lines I have left to write today," Estel sighed.

"Ah, you see, child, math is something that we use each and every
day," Erestor said.

Heaving yet another sigh the boy went back to finishing his lines.

Years later when Estel received his first, real sword the grin on
Elladan's face was one of the widest. He walked over to his youngest
brother and embraced him tightly.

"Now you will not have to covet mine," Elladan said, taking a piece
of parchment from his tunic. "I have saved this for a long time, just
waiting for this day," he said, handing it to Estel, who had a
puzzled look on his face.

At that moment Elrohir walked over to see what his brothers were up
to as Estel unfolded the parchment. The young man looked at the
parchment and then at his oldest brother, swallowing hard.

"What is it?" Elrohir asked.

Estel handed him the parchment and Elrohir took it and smiled.

"It is from the time that I almost maimed my big brother for life,"
Estel said softly, a look of guilt coming over his face.

Elladan reached out and patted his youngest brother on the back.

"Estel, it would take more than a seven-year old human to maim me for
life," Elladan said, grinning. "I was already a highly trained,
highly skilled elven warrior at the time."

Elrohir looked at his twin and burst out laughing.

"What ever helps you to sleep at night, muindor," he said, shaking
his head and walking away.

After Elrohir walked away Estel looked back down at the parchment in
his hand.

"I still feel a measure of guilt after all of these years," Estel
said. "Even though at the time I thought Ada's consequences were

Elladan grinned.

"I still remember how hard I worked you during that time."

Estel couldn't help but smile at that.

"Aye, between me waiting on you and the extra weapons training with
Glorfindel, there were some nights that I was glad I had to go to bed
early for those two weeks."

"You were always sound to sleep when I came in to check on you,"
Elladan said.

"You…you checked on me?"

Elladan nodded.

"Aye, I would quietly limp into your room and make sure that you were
resting well. Some nights I would sit by your bedside, just watching
you sleep, making sure that your guilt did not lead to nightmares."

Estel swallowed hard at the love that his brother had shown to him.

"It would have been so easy for you to have hated me because of what
I did."

"Hate you, Estel? How can one hate a gift from the Valar?" Elladan
asked, placing his hands on his brother's shoulders. "After we lost
our Naneth, Roh and I lost sight of what is really important, but a
frightened, rain-soaked little boy entered our lives one night and
brought the light back into it. How could one hate anyone who worked
that magic?"

Estel's eyes sparkled with unshed tears at his brother's words and he
found that he couldn't say anything.

"Ah, tithen-muindor, today is not a day for tears. Today you received
your first real sword and it needs to be broken in. Come, the
sparring grounds await."

The two of them walked off, two sons of Elrond, one elven and the
other human, born of different blood, but both joined as brothers by
the heart.

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October 24th, 2008

02:59 am
Young Estel 1 
The Littlest Warrior by Ravenswing

Allies by Pentangle-linnon

YoungEstel 3 
Just Rock by Calenlass Greenleaf  tied with Lighting Fire by Gwynnd

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To Risk it All by White Wolf1 tied with Shattered by Deandra

and it was done by Beth

Friendship 3 
The Death of an Elf? by Tiro

The Thief by Silivren Tinu

Rivendell International Airport by Primsong

Maggoty Bread by ThunderTiger

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02:35 am - WINNERS!!!!!! page 6
On the Wings of the Storm by Lialathuveril tied with Aspects of Aragorn by Inzilbeth

Broken by OcherMe

WIP 3 
A Simple Wound by CocoaB

Mask of Virtue by Linda Hoyland

Seeing the Stars of Harad by Legolass and Starlight

The Guardsman Comes Home by Larner tied with Defection by Kelenloth

(Love a ranger/elf)

02:19 am - WINNERS page 5
Legolas angst1 
Playing Chess with Lord Namo by Fiondil

leggy angst 2 
Facing Death by White Wolf1

Follow the Sun by Nieriel Raina

Nana's Tree by White Wolf1

Bruises will Fade by LegolasLover2003

Pre-Lotr 1 
Star of Hope by Linda Hoyland

Pre-Lotr 2 
The Mariner's Son by Cairistiona
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02:07 am - WINNERS!!!! page 4
Playing with Fire by Linda Hoyland

Keeping Watch by Misty

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Evergreene 2

Like a Bird in the Sky by Silivren Tinu

leggy/thrandy 2 
The Librarian by Jay of Lasgalen

Death of a Heart by Cactuskim

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01:52 am - WINNERS!!!!!! page 3
Fellowship 1 
Eight Elven Cloaks by Virtuella

Hunting by Thundera Tiger

Fellowship 3 
With and Without Hope by docmon

Shattered Stone by Mcat 711

Silentin by Aimme

Alone in the Dark by Imagingma
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